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To be able to open an eCommerce store and start selling products or services online, require some research to be able to know if you will be successful on the internet. With Webdesign RSA we will give you the correct information, and help you to build the best possible E-Commerce website. Keyword research is crucial for search engines, the way the website is structured, and the general feeling and working of your E-Commerce website plays a vital role.

  • What geographical area’s will you target?

    For example would you be selling international or local within the borders of South Africa or would you target a specific country? Your store setup increases in price if you offer more currencies and delivery cost increase if you start shipping products over country borders.

  • Make a list of keywords that describe your products or service?

    When you are starting a new business it is always good to make a list of keywords as the internet search engines will find your business when visitors search your keywords. Webdesign RSA will assist you in making the correct keywords.

  • Shipping costs influences your market

    Shipping costs influences your market, make a study of the delivery cost in your geographical area that you would like to target, i.e investigate the delivery times and prices of the Post Office or a courier company. A flat rate calculation is the easiest to incorporate in your online store.

  • Your Terms and Conditions – do you offer an return and guarantee?

    It is important that you include legal documents on your store so that you can serve your users the best while your legal document protect your online business.

  • Do you have good quality product images?

    Good quality product images increase product sales, and make your ecommerce website look good. Images should be consistent in size and we require a minimum image size of 800px, landscape images display better than portrait images.

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