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Looking for an quality portal website in George, Garden Route, Western Cape, A portal website is one that links to a large number of disparate sub-sites or external sites. It is designed, as the name suggests, as a portal or entry point to other content, and will typically try to attract a high volume of traffic by linking to a wide range of interesting content and other features.

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Such sites may also play the role of selected content aggregators, in that they gather together and display in preview form material that is displayed more fully at the subsites or external sites that the previews link to. The most successful portal websites have historically included whole World Wide Web search engine functionality, whether on their home pages or in a dedicated sub-site. The inclusion tends to have been a major driving force behind high volumes of traffic and contributed significantly to their having a very high page rank or domain authority.

The best-known portal websites with integral search engines have included Yahoo, AOL and MSN. But there are many other types of portal websites without search engines that serve more niche areas of interest. Among the features that portal websites link to may be online games, news, online books, community and forum websites, music, videos, and externally hosted articles on particular topics. There is no stricture to limit what a portal website may link to, but portal websites are generally most effective if they either try to appeal to general popular interests with mass appeal or focus on a particular niche area of interest and do not stray too far outside that.

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Web Design and ECommerce

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