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These Terms And Conditions Are The Rental Agreement Between You (The Client) And Web Design RSA (Renting Agent). By Visiting Or Using Our Website, Signing Up, Or Purchasing Any Of Our Products Or Services, You Agree To Be Bound By The Terms And Conditions Outlined On This Page.

The following terms and conditions are a binding and legal rental agreement between (“the renting agent and client”) and include the following information.

1. Renting Agreement

Renting agreement is between the (renting agent and client). All renting agreements will be payable upon a Per Month (Monthly Subscription) basis, according to the web rental packages that the client decided on. The invoice will be mailed 5 days before the payment date, payment date is on the date you purchased your rental agreement of every month, every month until the rental agreement monthly tern has expired. Payment has to be done and is payable on your purchased rental agreement of every month. All rental agreements are valid for 12 months. Do you wish to cancel or transfer the domain see point 5?.

2. Limitation of Liability and Indemnity

We do not accept any liability howsoever arising concerning the lawfulness or otherwise regarding your website you want us to design for you. All legal formalities are entirely your responsibility and the website is set up according to your instructions at your sole risk in the above regard. You hereby indemnify us against any claims howsoever arising from the website or its content being unlawful or failing to comply with relevant legislation. You agree to further indemnify us against any copyright claims for images that are approved by you for use in any graphic or website-related work.

3. Copyrights and Trademarks

Web Design RSA is not responsible for the images and content published on the designed rental websites. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that all images, fonts, and content published on their website conform to Copyright Laws. If any of the images and content are not lawfully owned or licensed by the website owner, explicit permission to use them must be obtained by the client. If such a matter will happen, all responsibility is with the client.

4. Client Delays

The client shall use all reasonable efforts to provide needed information, materials, and approvals. Any delay by the Client will result in a day-for-day extension of the due date for all Deliverables. Unless otherwise expressly agreed, it is the client’s responsibility to provide all content (written copy, images, videos, etc.) to create the website. This must be supplied within a reasonable time-frame, ideally within 2-4 weeks of project commencement. Delays in supplying all content required to complete the site will result in the development being put on hold.

5. Transfer Of Websites / Domain Names To Other Servers

It is the responsibility of Web Design RSA to make use of reputable and reliable servers to give your website maximum exposure on the world wide web. Should you as the “client” wish to transfer the entire website files to your server or third-party server or another service provider the following fees will apply.

  • All Website Rental Packages: Is valid and bounded for 12 months. If you wish to cancel your rental agreement before the 12 months expire, an 2 months notice must apply, and given, a cancelation fee of R650 will apply for administration purposes. Please note – your website will go dead, and removed from the world wide web. (Or a pre-agreed price between Web Design RSA and the Client)
  • To keep the website alive and on the world wide web, If you wish to cancel your rental agreement before the 12 months expire, an 1 months notice must apply. And keep your website live, the following will apply – the remaining months of your rental agreement will be calculated, that amount with a cancelation fee of R650 will apply for administration purposes. (Or a pre-agreed price between Web Design RSA and the Client)
  • After the 12 months, the rental agreement expires is then the clients wish to, there are options. Option (1) Your website remains with Webdesign RSA, on a normal hosting package basis that is payable on a yearly or monthly basis. Option (2) Transfer the entire website and files to your server or a third-party server, or another service provider the following fees will apply. An administration fee of R650 – 00 will be payable.

6. Payment Failure

Should Web Design RSA receive a non-payment failure on monthly rental contracts or (falls payments, or any other payment error) the client’s website and hosting will reflect a suspended error message on the website. The suspended error message will come into action on the third day after the monthly payment date. The client will be notified about the issue within 48 hours. If no response from the client for a maximum time of 2 months or Web Design RSA receives no response from the client on the matter, the client’s website hosting and the website and files shall be terminated. No website files shall be transferred, and the domain name shall be nonresponsive. If the client wishes to reinstate, all files and the website, a new rental agreement will be appreciable. 

7. Cancellation Terms

The client is free to cancel their monthly agreement at any given time, see point 5 regarding cancellations. When canceling any rental agreement Web Design RSA must be notified via email before canceling the monthly agreement. The fees outlined under point 5 “website transfers” are then applicable.

Server Downtime

We as Web Design RSA does not guarantee 100% website uptime. Due to circumstances and websites that are being hosted by a 3rd party hosting provider, the client acknowledges that there may be occasional downtime for web maintenance, etc. which is beyond our control.

Server Detail, Cpanel & FTP

Hereby Webdesign RSA states, that NO Cpanel or FTP details or usernames and passwords will be provided to any person or third-party. The only usernames and passwords that will be provided are that of a website owner to update and edit their products.

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